Gru is a low voltage lighting system, a freestanding floor lamp realized for the designer James Ennis, presented for the Fuorisalone 2016 at MC Selvini.

The freestaning lamp like the Gru is always on stand by. This is something new and innovative: no switches on the lamp.

The copper rods take a low voltage current from the base up throught the lamp, reinforcing the structure.

The lighting element of the lamp, il “Braccio”is an woodturned and handcarved piece of wood with the latest led technology embelled inside. The LED fits into the wood, and connects to copper ribbon on either side, This hooks onto either of the rails.

To turn on the lamp, you simply unhook the “Braccio” and places it across both rails, making the connection, closing the circuit.

The position of the lamp can be directed down for reading or up creating an ambient effect.

The project combines technology and craftmanship trought light.