Elegant wooden furnishings, crafted according to the latest design ideas and with the finest materials

Wooden pens

To be selected within a broad set of proposals or made especially for you, according to your needs


Refined wooden holders, to keep sorted all of your accessories

We deliver in Italy

Please contact us for worldwide shipments!

About us

A “bravo” to Wood And Mood of Valbrembo for “Steelo”, its new wines’ packaging..

OM Magazine #19page 30

About us

Walter Viganò,sailing the seas has learned the love for wood and the ability to work it; today he crafts unique pens, cleverly exploiting the qualities of the material.

Penna Magazine #95page 50

How do we like to work?

We try to understand exactly what you wish to create and after that we help you realizing it. We develop your idea, creating unique object just for you, fruit of your idea and of our art and experience.