Steelo® elegant gift box for wines and furniture lamp.

Finally  Steelo® is on line on new Wood and Mood web site.

A new image for Steelo® an innovative idea, designed, developed and manifactured  by Wood and Mood, that comes from three concepts: offer, taste and furnish.

In the new web site the space dedicated to Steelo® is adequated to the importance that this object has for our company, enriched with photos that can transmit emotions.

Steelo®, patented by Wood and Mood, was born as a gift box , that can contain a bottle of wine to be presented in an elegant an unusual way.

Taking out the plexiglass, opening its petals, that make it similar to a flower, you can see what it contains.

Steelo® is thinked to leave a mark, becoming in a second time a furniture element.

The lamp is equipped with a functional and stylish backlit power button, which makes it easy to turn it on in the dark.

Steelo rovere backlit power button
Steelo rovere with backlit power button


Realized with precious woods, thanks to its 12v adapter it becomes an elegant lamp that illuminates in a pleasant way the surrounding environment and closed, placing the lock in plexiglass on his top, provides a nice soft light, suitable for a relaxing setting.

Customizable in dimentions, form, woods and finishing  Steelo® in its duality of gift box for wines  and furniture lamp, has an innovative idea, quality of materials, functionality and sustainability, enclosed in three simple gesture: offer, taste and furnish.

Steelo® is available in our shop:

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