Handmade in Italy.
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The new Wood And Mood website, “Handmade in Italy”

The new Wood And Mood website reborn over his new pay-off:

Handmade in Italy

This simple motto is everything to us:

  • we create handmade wooden objects
  • all of our work is proudly done in Italy

We made this new website with a new imagine for our company, that wants to put together artisan traditions and new technologies.
Inspired by our customers that commission us new ideas and have the patience to wait for their unique piece to be realized.
The time, the uniqueness, the manual work: you can see all of them in our website with many images and few words. A very specific choice: create a new relationship between the old artisan and everyday life.

The website has these sections:

  • the shop, where you can decide to purchase one of our products in stock
  • the portfolio, with some of the items out of stock which have been important works to us
  • news, the section containing all the news and the history of Wood And Mood starting from here
  • the company section, containing all the usefull information to get in contact with us

We decided to build our new website in Italian and English, to give the chance to everyone to understand what Wood And Mood is all about, what we do and why we do it.

Wood And Mood, handmade in Italy.

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